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l never looked so good and fit in my entire acting career: Salil Ankola

Actor Salil Ankola who plays Suryadev in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Karamphaldata Shani got a new look and here he speaks about it.

You have got a new folio done after a long time. How do you feel?
> This is my second folio in my entire acting career….First was done in 1998 and second by Vishal Seth in 2017. The reason being I get very nervous in still photography but the concept and look and outcome has been amazing

You look stylish. How do you manage?
> The look and concept were done by Vishal and he was certain how he wanted my folio to be done. Ria my wife also contributed a lot in the costume planning. Most importantly I have worked very hard on my physique and it has paid off. l never looked so good and fit in my entire acting career. For for my looks and physique I have been following a special diet and following the gym routine with strict discipline and dedication and it has been paying off

Are good looks really important for an actor? Comment.
> Good looks are certainly not the whole and sole required asset for excelling in acting, it’s an advantage, an average looking guy if he is a super actor then the look factor does not matter at all and a great looking guy if he is a bad actor then all is lost.

Talent versus good looks what would you give more importance and why?
> Talent and good looks both a person is born with. Both need to be nurtured and to be worked on so as to get the best outcome, I feel nothing should be taken for granted and every aspect should be given prime importance

Did you shot with photographer Vishal Seth how was the experience?
> Vishal Seth is a very talented and upcoming photographer and he has a great eye. He seems to see what any other person cannot and gets the best out of the person. I have never been so comfortable shooting stills as I have been with Vishal and the results talk for themselves. He is so fast in getting out the best, we finished our shoot in exactly 2 1/2 hours and the experience was fantabulous

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