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If not an actor I would have been a singer : Gunjan Utreja

Host Gunjan Utreja is known for his fresh and cheerful hosting style and he is expected to do the same in the second season of Voice India as well.

So how musical Gunjan is in reality?

“If I was not an anchor or actor I would have surely been a singer. Most of my friends are some of the biggest names in Indian music industry. I have had the pleasure of observing and learning a lot from them.”

Speaking more on the show Voice India Gunjan adds,”The Voice is a global format and its an honour to be hosting the second Indian edition of the show. It’s overwhelming to see the contestants being chosen only on the basis of their voice. As a host I am particularly involved with the contestants and their families and its inspiring to see so many talented youngsters participating with such enthusiasm. This show is a huge learning platform for aspiring singers under the guidance of some of the best names in the industry. And I am happy to add my flavour of humour to the show.”

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