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Cancer is a painful disease: Naveen Saini

Which was your last show?
> Yeh Kaha Aa Gaye Hum on &TV

What’s new no the acting front?
> In talks with Kavita Barjatya productions for New Entry in “Yeh Rishta Sajhedari Ka”

You have been doing other things also in your career. Throw light on that?
> I am running my production company F3 First Frame Films Pvt Ltd where we are working mostly for digital platform I am running more than 25 Youtube / Dailymotion channels and exploring more digital platforms and also working on TV production, film production,events, media buying,…basically trying to explore all the avenues related to media.

What changes do you find in the industry over the years?
> Parivartan sansaar ka niyam hai so industry is also changing very fast people related to film and industry are getting more work, because of digital platforms, work scope has increased, competition has increased so quality of work has improved with technology, but after demonetization money market is tight revenue got affected but it’s temporary face things will improve with time.

Since when you are associated with Umeed?
> I have just got associated with Umeed 2017 last weak as I’m getting treatment of Homeopathy from Dr. Pratiti Shah, so my doctor spoke to me about this noble cause that they are working on this.

What is the upcoming event on 4th February is all about? What do you feel about the World Cancer Day?
> This Event is for the Cancer awareness, as 4th Feb is World Cancer Day, MHRD (Medigene Homeocare Research & Development) is a trust who is working on this cause since 2012 and doing free treatment camps every Wednesday for poor people via Homeopathy, from last year they have started this initiative called Umeed 2016 through Walkathon and this year they have associated this cause Called “Umeed 2017 Fight Against Cancer “with art & culture and doing competitions of painting, sculpture, Short Films, Selfie & installation competition on cancer theme, inviting people to be a part of this cause and make them aware that “Cancer is a painful disease and cancer patients has to go through from the painful procedure of chemotherapy and radioactive therapies. With the help of Homeopathy, they can fight with cancer with less pain.” For me, it was an opportunity to serve humanity so I’m trying to help them as much as I can.

Why do you feel celebrities should associate with cancer?
> Celebs have their fan following they have more reach so if celebs will associate with this type of cause more people will get awareness about this noble cause.

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