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#SpoilerAlert: Janna Na Dil Se Door And It’s Upcoming Twist


Janna Na Dil Se Door: Star Plus prime time show Jana Na Dil Se Door will bring emotional love drama in Athrav, Vividha and Ravish’s life.

Ravish decides to reunite Athrav and Vividha feeling as they are made for each other.Ravish rejoins Army but his mother tells him that Vividha cannot g o anywhere as he is his wife.Ravish tells his mother marriage is bond of love so he ends up this forcibly marriage with Vividha.

Ravish wipes sindoor from Vividha’s’ hairlines, breaks her bangle sand also snatches magalsutra from her neck leaving both Athrav and Vividha shocked.Ravish handovers Vividha to Athrav and ask him to take care of Vividha forever.

Vividha returns to her home with Athrav starting a new life with him but unaware about Ravish has become her habit.Athrav gets shocked when Vividha is ready to fill sindoor in her maang recalling Ravish.

Will Atrhav find Vividha has inclination towards Ravish?

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