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Spoiler Alert: Shakti, Swaragini and Thapki..Pyaar Ki


Shakti: In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Harman and Soumya in the daily soap.It so happens that Soumya has started residing at Harman’s place with the designation of a family servant.Now, this is something that Harman’s heart is not willing to accept but Harman shows his happiness in Soumya becoming a servant on Soumya’s wish.The second wish that Harman is going is fulfill is that of Harman marrying Surbhi.

In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Harman and Surbhi in the ongoing serial.Harman gets very much annoyed with Soumya’s idea of Harman marrying Surbhi, but is helpless amid Soumya’s agitation.

Thapki..Pyaar Ki: Kabir flirts with Thapki while Thapki also pretend of being closer to which makes Bihaan angry.Bihaan believes that Vaani is being Thapki but Thapki spoils his all attempts and made him believe that she is Vaani only.Thapki wants to take revenge from Bihaan so she is ready to do anything and now kabir will fall in love her.Aprt from this, Bihaan indirectly challenges Kabir that he will not let him take away his beloved one.

Kabir accepts Bihaan’s challenges and they stuck into sword fight but Bauji and Thapki comes there before the drama goes higher.Bauji take sword from Bihaan and Kabir while Thapki scold them for creating drama.However, Dhruv tries to make Thapki understand that her love drama with Kabir might be risky for her but Thapki is not redeye to hear anything.

Swaragini: Ragini did suicide drama to melt down Abhimanyu’s heart but Swara and Sankaar get shocked seeing no reaction in Abhimanyu’s face for Ragini.However, Abhimanyu has bit doubt of Swara and Sankaar’s real identity so he himself shows them being a tough man.

Abhimanyu is not ready to believe as he is Lakshya and has any emotions for Ragini or family members.Apart from this, Swara and Sanskaar decide that whether their one plan gets failed but they will make Abhimanyu believe as he is Lakshya.

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