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Spoiler Alert: Swaragini, Shakti and Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki


Shakti: Harman comes in support of Soumya and tells Ravi that Soumya is not responsible for anything and promises to bring her son back to her.Preeto is very much angry seeing Harman destroying his life due to Soumya and raises hand Harman when he refuses to leave Soumya.

Preeto wants Harman lives a happy married life which Soumya can never give to him while Harman also promises to get married but cannot leave Soumya.Ravi and Preeto go from house while Soumya tries to talk Harman leaving her but Harman angrily asks her not to say anything.

Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki: Ghost holds Tanuja and stabs her again and again while Tanuja shouts in fear feeling as ghost killed her.

Seeing Tanuja crying, Rishi reveals to her that he is Rishi and Tanuja blames her for stabbing her.Rishi tells Tanuja that knifed is fake one but Tanuja scolds Rishi for making her scared badly.Rishi hugs Tanuja while Tanuja keeps on hitting him and Rishi enjoys Tanuja’s anger.Horror fill romance will bring more spicy moment in Rishi and Tanuja’s honeymoon.

Swaragini: It so happens that Sanskaar too along with Swara gets to Abhimanyu’s place to unveil Abhimanyu’s identity.Now, on the words of Abhimanyu’s daughter Abhimanyu keeps Swara and Sanskaar on work but still Abhimanyu has severe doubt upon Sanskaar.Swara and Sanskaar working togather and staying in one servant quarter create a lot of sweet and sour nok-jhok moments that are being eyed upon by Abhimanyu.

In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Sanskaar and Abhimanyu in the ongoing serial.Abhimanu is very much curious and anxious about knowing the actual background of Sanskaar as Sanskaar does not look like a servant wearing good clothes.

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