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Spoiler Alert: Swaragini, Shakti and Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki


Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki: Raja introduces Tanuja with dadi mausi and she likes her very much but she is worried seeing Rishi and Tanuja avoid to each other.She makes a plan to take both Rishi and Tanuja’s love test so she will find as if Rishi likes Tanuja or not.

Dadi mausi asks Rishi and Tanuja to dance and they hesitatingly get ready for it.Rishi is completely lost in Tanuja’s beauty while Tanuja feels awkward seeing Rishi very closer to him.But both Rishi and Tanuja recall their past love and engross in each other eyes.

Shakti: Surbhi tells Sheikh about she will dress up Soumya for him and takes her to washroom.Soumya tells Surbhi that she wants o go to house and Surbhi tries to make Soumya run away from window.

However, Surbhi’s plan gets flopped when Sheikh’s men catch them and makes Soumya unconscious.Surbhi is failed to stop Sheikh taking Soumya away and waits for Harman and Saya’s entry.Harman makes Superma entry and jumps on car in which Soumya taken by Sheikh.Harman and Sheikh have bitter fight and finally get ssuccessful to save Soumya.

Swaragini: Ragini tells Swara and Sanskaar that she has decided to move on with Nikhil. Swara doesn’t believe her and hides her phone in the room. Swara realises that Ragini is lying and that Laksh is dead.

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