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Spoiler Alert: Thapki….Pyaar Ki, Udaan and Sasural Simar Ka

Thapki….Pyaar Ki: Thapki saves Aditi and brings the whole family to the temple. Everyone gets shocked to see Kosi and Chacha get married. Kosi decides to take revenge from Dhruv as he is the one who exposed them.Bihaan apologises to Thapki but she refuses to forgive him.

She tells Dhruv that she can’t reveal her true identity until she proves Kosi guilty.

Sasural Simar Ka: Simar sees bruises on Anjali’s face and gets tensed. At the sangeet ceremony, Piyush asks Vaidehi to join the celebration. Meanwhile, Simar tries to ask Vikram about Anjali’s bruises.Simar tries to ask Vikram about the reason behind Anjali’s bruises.

After the sangeet ceremony is over, Vikram warns Vaidehi again and tells her to not disclose anything to anyone.

Udaan: The villagers pressurise Chakor to divorce Sooraj. Later, Imli comforts Vivaan and assures him that Raunak will let him work for him. Sooraj gets upset with Chakor.Vivaan and Imli tell Chakor that Sooraj will get killed if she leaves him. When Chakor is about to sign the divorce papers, Sooraj stops her and apologises to her for his mistake.

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