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Spoiler Alert: Swaragini, Udaan and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat


Udaan: Sooraj injures his fist after he bangs it on the wall.

Later, Vivaan and Imli make promises to each other, but she gets upset when she sees Sooraj in her bedroom.Imli decides to meet Sooraj and thank him for his help. Tejaswini tries her best to convince Sooraj not to divorce Chakor.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Ashoka reaches the gate of the royal palace and is stunned to see Jagannath there. He questions Bindusara about it.

Jagannath blames Ashoka for killing Kaurwaki.Devi endeavours to revive Kaurwaki. Later, Sushim kills someone and thinks that the killed person is Kaurwaki. But much to his dismay, Kaurwaki turns out to be alive.

Swaragini: Swara’s questions play on Ragini’s mind. She asks the first question to Adarsh, who is stumped and at a loss of words to answer her. Ragini discovers the truth about Adarsh, Parineeta and Dadi’s plan.

Since Laksh and Sanskaar refuse to hear the truth, this internal rift threatens the existence of their family.

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