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Spoiler Alert: Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki, Krishnadasi and Ishqbaaaz


Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki: Rishi, Manpreet, Yuvraj and Nakul go to a bar, while Tanuja is eve-teased by goons, but Kayani Bai comes to her rescue.

Rano gets a call from Mallika and tells the family about her arrival.Tanuja stays in the temple with Katyani Bai. When they see Rishi walking towards the temple, Katyani Bai compels her to tell him the truth. However, Rishi walks away when he gets a call from Rano.

Krishnadasi: Shravani pretends to have a miscarriage, citing the poisoned food as the cause. Later, Aryan rushes to save Aradhya but assumes she is dead when he sees a corpse wearing her saree.Pradyumn rushes to save Aradhya and manages to take her to the hospital.

Later, Uday informs him that the entire family is dead.

Ishqbaaaz: Anika learns that the tape is fake and that Gayatri is behind it so she tells Shivaye about it. But when he decides to confront her and teach her a lesson, he is shocked to find her dead. Anika would help Shivaay truely to get de-stressed like a friend in need and a true friend.Only Anika is the person upon whom Shivaay can trust and share all the confidential things.

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