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Spoiler Alert: Krishnadasi, Kasam and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Ashoka battles against Antiochus and kills him. Ashoka then heads to a fort to kill Siamak who is hiding in a secret chamber.

Ashoka finds Siamak, but is unaware of Sushim and Khallatak’s presence.Ashoka and his troops manage to defeat a Greek army with Lasendra’s support. Sushim endeavours to hide himself from Radhagupta.

Kasam: An excited Ahaana goes to call Biji when Tanuja enters the house while Rano questions her about her identity.

As everyone thinks about Tanu, Tanuja clears their misunderstandings.Tanuja tells Rishi’s family about her plastic surgery and how Biji gave Tanu’s photo to the doctors. When Rishi sees Tanuja, he gets flashes of Tanu’s memories, but Rano tells him the truth.

Krishnadasi: Aradhya reaches Shravani’s room and asks Jairaj to back off. Jairaj tries to expose Shravani but Aradhya does not believe him.

Later, Aradhya shoots him.Pradyumn tells Damini that he has a hunch Kamli Baai is Shravani’s accomplice. Later, in a bid to honour the promise he made to Aradhya, Aryan marries Shravani.

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