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Spoiler Alert: Thapki…Pyaar Ki, Shakti and Sasural Simar Ka


Sasural Simar Ka : Simar receives the agreement papers for her new house.

She tells Piyush that she found them a new place and that they should shift there. Anjali sees Prem keeping a lot of money and plans to steal it.Piyush saves Rosy’s job while Prem discovers that Anjali is missing from the house and calls the police. At the Bharadwaj House, everyone is upset and Piyush also finds out that Anjali is missing.

Thapki…Pyaar Ki: Kosi Devi compels John to sign the NOC document giving his consent for the kidney replacement procedure and not reveal the donor’s identity.

Meanwhile, the family celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi.Thapki tries to get an autorickshaw but is unable to find one while Kosi Devi cheats and brings home the Ganesha idol. However, the pandit refuses to conduct the puja after finding the idol cracked.

Shakti: Preeto eavesdrops Saaya and Manindar’s conversation and is dazed to see them disappear when she reaches near them.

Surbhi informs Abhishek that she can’t marry him in five days and demands more time.After discovering Saumya’s pictures lying around in Saaya’s room, Preeto confronts Saaya.

Meanwhile, Nimmi calls Harman but decides to hang up before he could answer it.

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