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Spoiler Alert: Kasam, Krishnadasi and Kumkum Bhagya


Kasam: Biji explains to Rishi how Tanuja saved her life.

Manpreet is busy searching for a secretary for Rishi. When Tanuja’s sandals break and she enters Bedi Enterprise, he realises he has found one.Manpreet appoints Tanuja as Rishi’s secretary, but she doesn’t know her employer’s identity yet. While looking at Tanu’s photo, a thief steals his wallet and bangs into Tanuja, dropping it near her.

Krishnadasi: When Aradhya requests Kumudini to take back Bhamini’s case, Kumudini agrees only if she manages to convince Aryan to marry Shravani.

However, Aryan is not happy after learning about the condition.Kumudini goes to Pradyumn’s house and asks for his granddaughter’s hand in marriage to Aryan. Everyone is shocked when they learn she is talking about Shravani and not Aradhya.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi’s guitar string get broken and Pragya fixes it and then Pragya little bit feel that Abhi remembers something of her past.

Apart from this, Aaliya is angry with ABhi and Pragya’s closeness because she does not want to lose chance getting Abhi’s property but Pragya’s presence will create problem for her.

Furthermore, Aaliya will soon meet with an accident which will be planned by Abhi.

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