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Spoiler Alert: Swaragini, Swaragini and Kasam..Tere Pyaar Ki


Kasam..Tere Pyaar Ki: Neha finds it difficult to convince Sandy to take her to Mumbai as he is angry with her.

At Bedi House, everyone is shocked when Rishi announces that he will only marry Tanuja and no one else.Rishi feels angry but is shocked when Katyani Bai tells him that Tanuja has fooled death only for him. Meanwhile, after Neha tells Sandy the truth about Tanuja, he agrees to take her to Mumbai.


Swaragini: Aryan finally convinces Aradhya to return home.

Back in Krishnvati, Shravani collapses while dancing and a doctor is called to check her. He reveals that she is pregnant.Aryan tries his best to convince Aradhya that Shravani is not pregnant with his child. However, she refuses to believe him. Later, Shravani wants to abort her baby.

Swaragini: Swara comes to know that the veiled woman is none other than Parineeta and she is still alive.

She learns that Parineeta and her husband are plotting against the family.Swara and Ragini expose Adarsh and Parineeta in front of everyone, but Adarsh has already set a trap for the Maheshwari family.

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