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Sexy Ssharad Malhotraa dances on Beat Pe Booty!


The good looking Ssharad Malhotraa who is seen as lead in Ekta Kapoor’s Kasam Tere Pyar Ki was spotted shaking leg with the star cast of Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki.

He says, ” It was my idea…where the nation is challenging each other for the beat Pe booty dance and it’s spreading like wild fire…

I thought why  not do beat pe booty dance with the cast of kasam and make it look a little different…Vibhaji  (vibha Chibber of Chak De fame) and Vijay Kashyap ji who are playing my onscreen parents happily agreed to it and were a real sport.  I wish all the luck to Ekta and the entire team of Flying JATT !

So guys keep shaking that booty. Ciao” ! Ekta Kapoor on seeing the video on Instagram said, “So Cute”.

Well the hunk is getting sexy day by day. His energy seems very infectious and vibrant!


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