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Spoiler Alert: Thapki..Pyaar Ki, Udaan and Sasural Simar Ka


Sasural Simar Ka: Piyush is upset with the way Prem treats Simar and plans to give Simar her rightful place. With Rohan’s help, Piyush meets Prem and he offers him a job. Piyush does not reveal the company.On the first day of his job, Piyush gets into an argument with the guard. Prem witnesses this and asks him to leave. Meanwhile, at the Bharadwaj House, Mataji falls from a flight of stairs.


Udaan: Chakor and Sooraj go to meet Ragini and ask her about her hidden motives. Later, when Sooraj learns that Imli wants to eat an ice-cream, he asks Chakot to accompany him to the ice-cream shop.Vivaan becomes upset when he is unable to get Imli her favourite ice-cream. Meanwhile, Sooraj brawls with the guards when they stop him from buying an ice-cream.

Thapki..Pyaar Ki: Balwinder consoles Vasu after Kosi Devi and her family leave the house. Meanwhile, when Thapki goes to the minister’s house for an interview, she is shocked to see him beating his wife and daughter.The minister’s wife pleads with Thapki to not release the video of him beating her and their daughter as it would ruin their reputation. Later, Thapki is shocked to learn the truth behind the locket.

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