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Spoiler Alert: Udaan, Tashan-E-Ishq and Shakti


Udaan: Chakor does not know what to so as its difficult for Chakor alone to manage the heart broken Suraj.Suraj just sobs amid Chakor that Suraj has done a very big blunder mistake by making Imli marry Vivaan.Vivaan and Imli are truely unaware about the fact that Suraj loves Imli to this extent.

In the upcoming episode there will be tragedic moments in Suraj’s life in the serial.Imli’s love for Suraj will make Suraj a nice man who is clean of all his intentions.This drastic change will be noticed by Imli and in relation to the same even Imli will start inclining towards Suraj.However amid all these the return of Bhaiyaji will prove a big challenge for Chakor and Vivaan to save the villagers from Bhaiyaji’s evil plans.

Tashan-E-Ishq: In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragedy in Twinkle’s life seen in the serial.Kunj is on the higher side as of now as Twinkle is with Kunj.Kunj feels that Kunj’s real love for Twinkle has been proved with Twinkle on Kunj’s side.

Shakti: Soumya however is going to go from Harman’s house after 15 days.But it is Harman’s responsibility to not let Soumya’s truth come out amid Preeto and family.Harman however cannot control his anger at times and this lead to a fine thread of doubt amid Preeto’s mind regarding Soumya.

In the upcoming episode there will be lot of high voltage drama amid Harman and Preeto in the serial.Harman will as usual neglect Preeto’s doubts, but this time the doubt will be regarding Soumya.

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