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Spoiler Alert: Krishnadasi, Udaan, Tashan-E-Ishq and Sasural Simar Ka


Krishnadasi: Aryan tries to clarify the issue at hand but Aradhya refuses to listen to him. Kumudini believes Aryan is not at fault but Aradhya’s family finds him in the wrong.Aryan asks Shravani to convince Aradhya to speak with him. Aradhya agrees but storms out after a misunderstanding. On her way home, she meets with an accident.

Tashan-E-Ishq: Kunj approaches Twinkle to sort out their differences but she refuses. However, he succeeds in convincing her to meet him at a gurdwara.Kunj pampers Twinkle by taking her to a disco and on a lunch date. Later, he is shocked when he overhears Jassi’s telephonic conversation and realises that Jassi is Yuvi.

Sasural Simar Ka: Simar finds out that Anjali is her daughter. Piyush finds Simar lost in thought and tries to calm her down. Later, Simar sees Anjali’s picture with Prem in the newspaper and goes to Bharadwaj House.Anjali insults Simar when she goes to the Bharadwaj House to meet her. Simar is shocked and cannot believe that her daughter has grown up to be so arrogant.

Udaan: Chakor is stunned when Ragini tells her that Ragini is not her daughter. Meanwhile, Sooraj becomes unhappy when he learns that Imli is cooking food for Vivaan.Bijli informs everyone in the house that Ranjana is trying to kill herself. When Chakor expresses her doubts against Ragini in front of Vivaan, the latter refuses to listen to her.

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