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Spoiler Alert: Ishqbaaz and Shakti


Ishqbaaz: Shivaay realize that Anika was really innocent and Shivaay had unnecessarily insulted Anika amid full Oberoi family.But as a person Shivaay is, for Shivaay to say sorry is next to impossible.Om and Rudra ask Shivaay to say Sorry to Anika out of good manners.Shivaay felt helpless and that is the only reason for Shivaay to ask Anika’s appology.

In the upcoming episode there will be tragedy seen in the serial.After Shivaay asked for appology from Anika, Anika is seen placing conditions to work with Shivaay amid dadi.Among those conditions were that Shivaay needs to talk politely with Anika, greet Anika good morning when Anika comes for work, etc..

Shivaay unwillingly accepts all conditions of Anika because of dadi.

Shakti:  There are lot of misunderstandings and confusion coming in way for Soumya and Harman to reunite.The major war is of Soumya with Saya as Saya has threatened Soumya and her family members to take away Soumya.

In the upcoming episode there will be lot of tragedy seen in Soumya’s life.Soumya will be seen fighting tremendously with the society for her rights to live.Although Soumya is a kinnar even Soumya has the right to spend the life on her wish.

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