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Spoiler Alert: Jana Na Dil Se Door, Saath Nibhana Saathiya and Kasam

Janna Na Dil Se Door: Vividha and Atharv were embracing each other when suddenly the bullet hit Atharv.Vividha did not know what to do as Vividha was shocked for a while seeing Atharv bleeding.Atharv was concious and this lead a little support to Vividha.Vividha and Aharv were stranded at an unknown place and this lead to immence worry for Atharv in Vividha’s heart.

In the upcoming episode there will be high frequence tragedy seen in Atharv and Vividha’s lives.Atharv will be dying in Vividha’s laps and Vividha will be helpless.Vividha won’t be able to do anything as there would be no one to help Vividha save Atharv’s life.


Kasam: In the upoming episode there will be high voltage love in the sir flowing between Rishi and Tanuja.Rishi will straight open his eyes to find out Tanuja in front of Rishi.Rishi and Tanuja will instantly feel the connection with each other and will keep stairing.Tanuja and Rishi will find the lost love in the respective eyes of their partners.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Entire family members are shattered seeing Vidya in hospital and Dharam asked Meera about how Vidya got shot.Meera tells him about someone kidnapped Priyal and she reached the place and found Vidya there.

Mera hides the truth as she shot Vidya because she believes that she just pointed gun towards Vidya.Everyone doubt sin Meera while Meera wishes to see Vidya recover soon because Vidya’s recovery only can bring Meera out from danger.

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