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Spoiler Alert: Krishnadasi, Udaan and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Udaan: After Imli suffers from stomach pain, Sooraj tries to lift her in order to take her to the hospital.

But she refuses to take his help and takes Vivaan’s assistance to visit the hospital.Sooraj becomes upset when Imli refuses to let him see her sonography report. Ragini goes to Chakor and tells her that villagers need her.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Ashoka sees a wound in Kaurwaki’s hand and challenges her to have a sword fight with him.

Devi tells Jagannath that she will do anything to unite Kaurwaki and Ashoka.Kaurwaki explains to Ashoka that it is necessary to get the treasury back. They then catch Kewalnath with the treasury and return to the palace with the treasury.

Krishnadasi: In a bid to save Aryan’s life, Aradhya masquerades as a sikh man, Pinto Singh, and interacts with Jairaj.

Gayatri, who is helping Aradhya, records the proceedings.Bhamini takes Aryan to her house and nurses him. Later, Jairaj learns the truth behind Pinto Singh’s identity. Aradhya’s search for Aryan leads her to Bhamini’s house.

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