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Spoiler Alert: Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Shakti and Udaan

Udaan: Sooraj goes in search of Ragini after she suddenly disappears from the house. Meanwhile, Ragini encounters Chagan, who tells her everything that happened in her absence.After Imli suffers from stomach pain, Sooraj tries to lift her in order to take her to the hospital. But she refuses to take his help and takes Vivaan’s assistance to visit the hospital.

Shakti: The doctor informs everyone that only Maninder’s blood group has matched with Saumya’s blood group. But he refuses to give his blood to Saumya.Preeto visits Saumya in the ICU and asks her to clear the commotion but Harakh changes the topic. Meanwhile, Varun gives an idea to Harman to apologize to Saumya by giving flowers.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Ashoka realises that Jagannath is sneaking out and rushes to meet him. Devi asks Kaurwaki to prevent Ashoka from meeting Jagannath.Ashoka sees a wound in Kaurwaki’s hand and challenges her to have a sword fight with him. Devi tells Jagannath that she will do anything to unite Kaurwaki and Ashoka.


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