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Spoiler Alert: Kasam….Tere Pyaar Ki and Swaragini

Kasam….Tere Pyaar Ki: Rano believes that it was Tanu’s love in Rishi’s heart that made him so messy.Rishi was in love with tanu and that’s the reason Rishi did not marry for so many years on the words of Rano.Rano is seen hating Tanu even after her death.

In the upcoming episode there will be tention seen amid Rano and Rishi.Rishi will be seen overhearing Rano’s evil words against Tanu.

Swaragini: Ragini is seen to be blackmailed by none other than Lakshya.The truth has been revealed that Lakshya is Ragini’s blackmailer, but the motive behind the blackmailing is yet not revealed.Lakshya indeed was not that wicked, but there must be definitely some reason to blackmail Ragini and make her do nasty things.Specially Ragini is seen slapping Swara as Lakshya has been seen forcing Ragini is a bit wiered.

In the upcoming episode Ragini and Swara will be seen going seperate ways.Lakshya will be the reason to make Ragini do these bad deeds.

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