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#SpoilerAlert: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste And It’s Upcoming Twist

In the ongoing track of EDKV, viewers have witnessed a tiff between Suman aka Sumo (Nikita Dutta) and Shravan (Namik Paul) due to Ramnath’s (Satyajit Sharma) plot.

It is seen that Ramnath wants Sumo and Shravan to stay away from each other. At the same time, Suman trying her best to stay away from Shravan in order to avoid any problems in Pushkar (Ranjit Singh) and Preeti’s (Aditi Rathore) marriage.

Also, new entry in the show, Aditya Ahuja (Ronit Kapil) has led to more problems where Shravan is now jealous of him. In the last episode, we saw the sweet conversation between Shravan and Sumo, where Shravan asks Sumo to sleep peacefully.

Now, with Pushkar and Preeti’s wedding celebrations getting started with full swing, Suman too will be asked to apply mehndi. T

Suman will have deep introspection about her true feelings for Shravan and would get emotional about how she cannot stop loving him.

She will be applying her mehendi and carve the letter ‘S’ in the design and start recollecting all her memories with Shravan.

Will the marriage happen without any problems? What will happen to Shravan and Suman’s love story?

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