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Spoiler Alert: Thapki…Pyaar Ki and Swaragini

Swaragini: Ragini gets scared getting some mysterious call and on the time Lakshya enters in the room wearing black gown.Ragini gets scared seeing the man and ask who is he and then Lakhsya turns towards her.Lakshya is surprised seeing Ragini’s condition and asks what happened to her but Ragini hides phone calls truth to him.Lashtya feels that Ragini must be hiding something and is angry seeing she did not tell him anything.

Furthermore, Ragini puts herself in trouble not hiding phone calls truth from Lakshya while Lakshya once again turn negative for Ragini.There will be a huge fight happen between Ragini and Lakshya where Lakshya decide leave Ragini as she is cheater.

Thapki…Pyaar Ki: Dhruv gets a call and ask the man to send something and men tell him those things have already reached to Pandey Niwas.Thapki overhears Dhruv’s conversion bad asks Dhruv about what he brought and Dhruv tells her that he just asked to man some wedding needful things.Thapki does not ready to believe as Dhruv easily back out but she decides to keep silence until she gets evidence against him.

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