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#SpoilerAlert: Ishqbaaz and it’s upcoming twist

Ishqbaaz: In the upcoming episode it can be seen that Shivay and Anika are coming closer.

There are such instances occuring in the Oberoi house that prevails Anika and Shivay to come closer.Anika is a girl that is very sentimental and likes to gives names to all her belongings.Shivaay in turn used to hate it but as the time passed Shivay has started accepting Anika as she is.On one end Shivay claims that she does not like Anika a bit.On the other end Shivay also cannot stop thinking about her even when he is with Tia.

In the upcoming episodes we will see how the increasing closeness between Anika and Shivay irritates Tia.Shivaay is recently seen inclining more towards Anika than Tia.Shivaay is seen just liking Tia but love has just started striking him crazy as he cannot stop imagining Anika in all the sequences.The only thing that is missing in the relationship is the realization on both ends that they are in love.

Will this realization ever strike Anika and Shivay?

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