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Spoiler Alert: Swaragini, Kumkum Bhagya and Jamai Raja

Swaragini: Swara tries to bring happiness back in Maheshwari family doing pooja in morning and brings a good daughter in law.Everyone happily joins her in pooja and Swara takes blessing from them.Sujata praises Swara being good heart while taunt Ragini over her fake pregnancy.

Ragini gets tensed while Lakshya asks Sujata not to humiliate Ragini as she did all this for her mother.However, Ragini’s sadness will not go longer because she will get pregnant in real and happiness return in Maheshwari house.

Jamai Raja: Mitul reveals that she betrayed Sengupta family and helped Ria, Naina is shocked and blames Mitul.Sid again turns hero Jamai Raja to save Sengupta family from all troubles, tries help them.Roshni throws Ria out of her house and stops her from creating trouble for Neil.Ria’s entry with create problems and trouble for Sid and Roshni, let’s see how will they fight back against Ria.

Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu returns to Mehra house post her miscarriage.Tanu pretends to be upset although she is not, Tanu plans to use this miscarriage opportunity against Pragya.Tanu comes to Abhi who is already sad with what all happened, blames Pragya for loosing her child.Tanu starts her emotional drama before Abhi and blames Pragya for all what mishap happened.

Pragya comes to Abhi and defends herself saying that it’s Tanu’s deeds which payed off to her in this form.Abhi is irritated hearing Tanu and Pragya’s allegations on each other and bursts out at Pragya.Abhi asks Pragya to leave Mehra house as she has already asked divorce from him so it’s useless to argue much.

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