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Spoiler Alert: Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki and Swaragini

Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki: Tanu dies saving Rishi from Sandy’s bullet fire, Rishi looses his senses could see Tanu in his dreams.Rishi realizes that Tanu will never return to him and thus decides to go where Tanu had gone.Rishi attempts to commit suicide by hanging himself, is ready to hang himself but he saw Tanu’s spirit there.Tanu stops him from commiting suicide and taking away his life, Rishi get lost in his dream with Tanu.

Family members reach to the place and is shocked seeing Rishi attempting suicide.Rishi’s father tries to make Rishi understand that he should move on in his life forgetting Tanu.Will Rishi control his emotions for Tanu and start living agian for family.

Swaragini: Both Ragini and Swara are completely in shock as they were waiting for baby and Ragini lie to her family the baby but now everything is spoiled by unborn baby death.Swara accuses herself for baby’s death while Sanskaar consoles him but Swara cries thinking about baby has become victim of her deeds.

Ragini decides to go back to Maheshwari family if Sharmishtha will see her then she recall more about baby death because Ragini was pretending of become pregnant to hide Sharmistha pregnancy from everyone.Ragini then sacred going back to house recalling family members are very much angry on her knowing about her fake pregnancy but Lakshya tells Ragini that he is with her.

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  1. I m really very sad for Rishi.He is totally heartbroken after tanu’s death. Bt i m more sad on thinking that kratika will not be a part of KASAM post leap.So from my side good bye KASAM.It was a beautiful journey with our KRASHA.Will miss them a lot……….

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