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Spoiler Alert: Ishqbaaz and Shakti

Ishqbaaz: Both Shivaay and Anika want not to see each other face but situation bring them together again and again.

Shivaay misunderstands Anika for selling his chip for which his brother OM put his life in danger.Shivaay comes to Anika house and throws water on her which makes Anika shocked.Anika tries to say something but Shivaay tells her that now it is just started as she should to be habitual of this.Shivaay tells Anika that he will destroy her life so that she herself bends down in front of him.

Anika challenges to Shivaay that she will never bend down in front of him and he can do whatever he wants.

Shakti: Soumya closes her eyes which make Harman shocked and he tries to wake up her.

Both Bebe and Maninder are happy seeing that Soumya is out from their life forever.However, Soumya gets saved by veil woman because she wants to take Soumya back with her after 21 days.Soumya and Harman finally get happened and Harman showers his love on Soumya while Soumya feels shy enjoying this feeling first time.

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