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Spoiler Alert: Kumkum Bhagya and Shakti

Kumkum Bhagya: Nikhil and Tanu chase Pragya by car while Pragya tries to stop auto reaching to meet Abhi soon.Nikhil watches Pragya on road and decides to end her life today.Nikhil hits Pragya with car and she falls aside while Nikhil goes away from thre.Pragya falls unconscious on the road but she gains conscious thinking about she will have to wake up for Abhi.

Nikhil and Tanu use their all effort stop Abhi and Pragya’’s meeting as they also scared of being exposed to Abhi soon.Tom and Jerry fight has created between Nikhil, Tau and Pragya where some time Pragya win and sometime Nikhil-Tanu wins.More twists and turn are waiting in Abhi and Pragya’s life.

Shakti: Harman leaves Soumya  safely back home.However, her parents especially her father Manindar is not happy that Harman put sindoor in her forehead.Her mother washed off Soumya’s sindoor in anger.On the other hand, Soumya was seen convincing Surbhi and her mother that Harman is a good person at heart.

Manindar now plans to get rid of Soumya without letting anyone know.He decided to do so on the pretext of doing her bidhaai ceremony when Harman’s family come to take her back.Surbhi is confused since she also has love feelings for Harman.

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