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Spoiler Alert: Ishqbaaz, Krishnadasi and Kasam

Kasam: When Shera Mahesh learns about a couple living in Katyanibai’s cottage, he informs Pawan about it. Angry, Pawan threatens to kill Rishi and take Tanvi away.At the temple, Katyanibai tries to scare Pawan with fire and warns him against separating Tanvi and Rishi. When he threatens to kill Rishi, she tells the couple to hide in the jungle.

Krishnadasi: When Pradyumn learns that Aradhya is working as a maid in Kumudini’s house, he decides to go to Kumudini and apologise. Kumudini accuses Aradhya of robbery.Aradhya prepares breakfast for Kumudini and Aryan and serves them ‘upma’ with cashews. Aryan is allergic to cashews and falls ill.

Ishqbaaz: Shivaye asks Anika whether she found a chip that belongs to him.

She remembers throwing one outside the police station and asks him for some time to retrieve it.A strange woman, Ishana, tries to con Rudra and Omkara. Meanwhile, Shivaye has a bout with Anika as he thinks that she sold the chip containing sensitive information about Tej to someone.Shivaye vows to go after Anika and compel her to reveal the truth to him. Meanwhile, Soumya meets Rudra in college, but he refuses to recognise her in front of the beautiful women surrounding him.

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