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Spoiler Alert: Ishqbaaz, Kasam and Krishnadasi

Ishqbaaz: Anika tries to escape the police officers assuming they are sent by Buaji to arrest her.

While escaping, she gets trapped inside a box which is sealed and delivered to Shivaye.Shivaye asks Anika whether she found a chip that belongs to him. She remembers throwing one outside the police station and asks him for some time to retrieve it.A strange woman, Ishana, tries to con Rudra and Omkara. Meanwhile, Shivaye has a bout with Anika as he thinks that she sold the chip containing sensitive information about Tej to someone.

Krishnadasi: Aradhya goes out in search of a job. Pavitra feels bad for Shashwat when she sees him working as a labourer. Later, Kumudini and Nakku come up with a plan to humiliate Pavitra.When Pradyumn learns that Aradhya is working as a maid in Kumudini’s house, he decides to go to Kumudini and apologise. Kumudini accuses Aradhya of robbery.

Kasam: When Rishi announces Tanvi as his wife, she tells him that merely applying sindoor is not a marriage. They soon learn that the cottage they are staying in belongs to Katyanibai.When Shera Mahesh learns about a couple living in Katyanibai’s cottage, he informs Pawan about it. Angry, Pawan threatens to kill Rishi and take Tanvi away.

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