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#SpoilerAlert: Thapki..Pyaar Ki and it’s upcoming twist

Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Thapki..Pyaar Ki

As per the current track, The nurse tries to frame Bihaan in front of the family members for molesting her. As Babuji raises his hand to slap him, Thapki stops him and shows everyone the footage.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Thapki will go to the storeroom in search of her phone, Dhruv will stop her and will try to give her something, but she will warn him against it, pointing at the CCTV cameras around.

Later, Bihaan will get surprised to see Thapki and Dhruv together but reacts normally. Later, Dhruv will threaten Thapki that if she tries to reveal the truth to Bihaan, he will circulate Bihaan’s embarrassing video. Thapki will try to be careful while preparing for the puja. Later, Bihaan is about the sprinkle holy water around the house, Dhruv will replace the bucket.

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