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Spoiler Alert: Udaan, Shakti and Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Udaan: Imli tries her best to convince Kasturi to forgive Chakor. The next day, the police take Imli to the police station for questioning regarding Bhaiyaji’s death.Imli tells the police that she did not kill Bhaiyaji and returns home with Vivaan. Imli slaps Chakor when the latter tells her that she likes Sooraj.


Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Dhaani is caught in a dilemma when Viplav and Parshya argue over Vidha’s birthday celebrations.When Viplav is blamed for orchestrating an attack on Parshya, Dhaani is torn by conflicting loyalties and is unable to decide whose side to take.


Shakti: When Saumya calls Harman on his phone, his friends start teasing him. Meanwhile, Maninder gets to know from Dadi that Saumya is still living in the house.Maninder tries to push Saumya from the terrace, but Saaya arrives right on time and manages to rescue her. Meanwhile, Harman informs everyone that he’ll organize a wedding that no one will forget.

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