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Spoiler Alert: Swaragini, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Shakti

Shakti:  On the wedding day, Beeji tells Maninder not to worry as Soumya get married to Harman but she will not go to her sasural.Beeji mixes poison in Soumya’s kheer and Surbhi to feed it to Soumya as it is ritual.Soumya happily eats the kheer assuming that she is lucky to get her family love finalyy.During the wedding round, Soumya feels weak and finds difficult to walk due to poison starts working in her body.

Harman has promised to Nimmi that he will never let Soumya alone so he lifts Soumya in his arms and completes wedding round.But the tings turns more painful when Harman finds Soumya’s eyes closed and she is not reacting.Harman shouts Soumya in pain and rushes to the hospital.

Swaragini: Swara intentionally get ready to marry with Sahil.Sahil’s mother support Swar aand ask her to follow whatever Sahil wants until Sanskaar reach here.Sahil and Swara happily dress up like bride and bridegroom and reach to the wedding mandap.Pandit ji puts ghee in fire but smoke spread there and police enters there along with Sanskaar.

Cops arrests Sahil for kidnapping Swara and trying to marry with her.Swara slaps Sahil and asks inspector to take him from here.

Swara hugs Sanskaar while Ragini and Lakshya also congratulate Swara and Sanskaar for getting together again.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi comes to house wear saree which is very similar to Ishita and everyone is surprised to see Ruhi in saree.They ask Ruhi about Ishita as she was with her but Rui tells them that she did not meet Ishita.Apart from this, Bhalla family realizes that Ishita has been kidnapped which makes Adi very much sad.Adi gets her Ishima back after long time and he doubts on Mani and Aaliya behind Ishita kidnapping.

Adi tells family that Manik kidnapped Ishita because he does not want Ishita and Raman get married.Aaliya asks Adi that Mani can never do it but Adi is not ready to accept this as Aaliya herself wants to see Mani and Ishita together.Mani is clueless over all accusation as he never thought to harm Ishita in his dream too.


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