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#SpoilerAlert: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and it’s upcoming twist

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Neha comes to Ranveer’s house after marriage.Neha thought that she will manage in Ranveer’s house but she starts feeling restlessness due to absence AC, Refrigerator and other needful things.Neha has become habitual of all these things and she explains Dev about the situation she is to facing difficulties in Ranveer’s house.Neha thinks that Ranveer loves her so he will agree with her every time and she demands Dev for sending these thing t o her in laws house.Being a good brother, Dev cannot see Neha in sad situation and he sends all things at Ranveer’s house which makes Ranveer upset.

Ranveer thinks that Dev and Neha think that they cannot give happiness to Neha but he wants to buy everything on his own.Dev’s sending gift bring rift between Ranveer and Neha while Neha is not ready t o accept as she did wrong anything to take gift from Dev.

Dev finds out about rift between Neha and Ranveer due to gift while he also believes that Neha cannot live without these things.Dev shares his problems with Sonakshi and Sonakshi explains him that he should not complete every whishes of Neha as she is not Ranveer’s responsibility and he can take care of her all wishes.Sonakshi tells Dev that if he will not stop supporting Neha then how Ranveer will know about about Neha’s happiness and sadness.Sonakshi suggests Dev stop giving gifts to Neha Dev is not convinced with Sonakshi as Neha is in problem but later he realizes that Sonakshi might be right as he indirectly breaking Neha and Ranveer’s relationship.

Dev stops supporting Neha which makes Neha upset and she finds out about Dev did all this on Sonakshi saying.Neha scolds Sonakshi for trying to control her life using Dev.

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