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Spoiler Alert: Tashan-E-Ishq and Krishnadasi

Tashan-E-Ishq: Yuvi is tensed for Twinkle and tries to find her, files police report to find Twinkle.Kunj also gets tensed knowing that Twinkle got really kidnapped and Twinkle-Yuvi were not paying games.

Yuvi gets kidnappers call to free Anita in return of Twinkle, Yuvi is astonished knowing this.Kunj now joins hand with Yuvi to find Twinkle, Yuvi is astonished seeing Rocky’s concern for Twinkle.While Pallavi also gets irked seeing that Kunj is still concerned about Twinkle.


Krishnadasi: Everyone including family members and villagers give statement against Aaba Saheb in the court.But Aradhya reach to the court and changes entire scene by revealing the truth as hwen she found out about Aaba Saheb  plan to kill Aryan then she removed all bullet from his gun. Aradhya tells that forensics report also proves that the bullet traced in Tulsi’s body was not fired from Pradhyumn’s gun.

Aaba Saheb gets free from murder charges of Tulsi which makes Aryan angry.Aryan reveals to everyone that he is not legally married to Aradhya as their divorced has happened.

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