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Spoiler Alert: Jana Na Dil Se Door and Kumkum Bhagya

Jana Na Dil Se Door:  it will be seen that Atharva will bring Guddi back home safely.After Chintu gets exposed, Kailash’s antics will not work infront of Vividha.Vividha understands Atharv’s worth in her life and also Atharv’s true heart.

Vividha tells Kailash that she won’t support him in his false pride and not stand against any right person.Vividha holds Atharv’s hand and accepts his proposal right infront of Kailash, which shocks Kailash the most.

Kumkum Bhagya: It will be seen that Pragya is caught between the goons. Pragya wanted to free Dr. Sheela’s daughter.She follows Nikhil and reaches the godown where Nikhil has hidden the girl. Pragya says I have to save Sheela’s daughter. Pragya manages to escape with the girl, and reaches her car.

Nikhil catches Pragya in her car and gets the girl too. Nikhil beats the goons for being careless.Pragya also gets kidnapped by Nikhil. Rockstar Abhi will come to her rescue and we hope that finally Tanu and Nikhil would get exposed in front of Abhi.

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