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Producer Yash Patnaik speaks about Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and other things!

-You are famous for good casting. The casting of Shaheer Sheikh and Erica is getting good response. Comment
Casting is the most critical job in Television. We work on a show for months, at times for over a year. So its critical that we get the right faces for the characters. I personally look in to casting. Every actor has some strengths and weaknesses. So does the characters. At times we select actors as per the characters and at time tweak characters as per the actors. At the end of the day the actor and character needs to be on the same page.

-Erica is one of the best newcomers around
I saw Erica first time in a friends film called Babloo Happy Hai. Not many people have seen the film as it wasn’t a successful film. But what stood out for me was Erica’s performance. She was very natural. So when we got her for Kuchh Rang Pyar ke Aise bhi I knew she will connect with audience. She is a sweet girl and very hard working. I am sure she will make a good mark for herself.

-What are the four trends of TV industry which you feel are emerging?
New Stories
New Storytelling
New Characters
New Scale

-What makes you bond with Mamta who happens to be part of your production house too
Please don’t say she is a part of the production house. She is the backbone of Beyond Dreams. We have been married for 15 years and business partners for 10 years. That’s the bond and the strength.

-Does it feel better as you have your own wife to share creativity and responsibilities?
You both compliment each other. Comment
Oh, it has been a great journey. We understand each others ideas and approach pretty well. When we work on an idea there is a seamless transition from one to the other. We compliment each other in almost every area of work and life. Yet we are still discovering each other. And that’s beautiful 🙂

-You are considered one of the sharp and intelligent producers. Comment
Ha ha ha. An intelligent man will never react to this question (laughs)

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