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Dhruv to malign Bihaan’ image in Thapki…Pyaar Ki

Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Thapki…Pyaar Ki

As per the current track, Dhruv shares the secret about his feelings for Thapki with Shraddha and tells her that he knows the truth about her. Poonam becomes emotional and shows Thapki the ‘sehra’ she made for Bihaan.

As everyone is busy playing a game together, Bihaan enters the room and plays the guitar, which surprises everyone and makes Thapki happy. She smiles and sings a song for him.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Dhruv will play smart and will handle the situation by convincing Thapki not to worry about the lighter. Here Shraddha will try to behave like Thapki, but Dhruv will tell her that she can never have a heart like Thapki.

Later, Two farmer brothers will celebrate their victory after fooling Balwinder into forgiving their rent. Later, at night, Dhruv will disguise himself as Bihaan and will beat them up.

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