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Thapki’ birthday celebration in Colors’ Thapki….Pyaar Ki

Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Thapki…Pyaar Ki

As per the current track,  Dhruv sulks as he watches his and Thapki’s engagement video. Shraddha tries to replace the original solitaire ring with a fake one. Bihaan injures himself and Dhruv tries to convince him to cancel the engagement, but he refuses.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Bihaan will overcome the pain of the injury and will wear the ring and when he is about to make Thapki wear the ring, Dhruv will cut the electricity. But Bihaan will go ahead with the help of the diyas.

Further, Pandey family will celebrate Thapki’s birthday. Dhruv will decorate and will do the arrangement for Thapki’s birthday. Bihaan will get upset as he forgot it was her birthday. Later, Dhruv will buy an expensive necklace for her.

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