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Spoiler Alert: Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and Udaan

Udaan: Imli climbs the ladder and enters Tina’s room.

Later, Sooraj becomes suspicious when Shikhu tells him that he witnessed Imli climbing the ladder.Sooraj finds out about Chakor’s plan and decides to take revenge against her.

Later, Ranjana is stunned when she learns that Sooraj wants to get married to Chakor.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Ashoka talks to Anandini sweetly, hoping to make Kaurwaki jealous.

Kaurwaki responds by sitting on Sushim’s horse. Kaurwaki is angered by Ashoka’s praise for Anandini.Ashoka asks Kaurwaki to abandon Sushim’s horse and tries to save her.

Subsequently, Ashoka falls in a stream with Kaurwaki and everyone feels that they are dead.

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