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Spoiler Alert: Jamai Raja and Meri Sasu Maa

Meri Sasu Maa: Shona is surprised when Babli announces that her rustication has been cancelled as her parents have met the dean.

Meanwhile, Pari is at home wondering how she can help Shona.Pari is confused when she reads a message from Shona that states that she has saved her from getting rusticated. Later, Maasa tells Pari that she too will be just as adamant as she is.

Jamai Raja: Mitul and Ranjeet inform Neil that Sid and Roshni had been a married couple.

Neil starts guzzling alcohol subsequently, after which he tortures Roshni.Despite being abused by Neil, Roshni endeavours to make her relationship with him work as she feels that she is somewhat responsible for the deterioration in Neil’s behaviour.

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