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TOP TV actors talk about their bachelor pad!

Shivin Narang: I stay alone with my cousin who is studying. I only come to sleep nothing special about it but yes my family keeps coming every month and my mother keeps everything up-to-date otherwise  I am quite a lazy person. My balcony is one of the interesting place where I sit with my laptop doing things and in the morning I feel the fresh air and then the second most important place is my bed where I sleep and watch TV. I like to have my me time in my balcony looking out thinking and sometimes talking to my  friends over the phone. I stay in Malad in a two BHK flat. I am alone and happy living in my bachelor pad. I also like my privacy. I like to keep my home neat and tidy.

Shashank Vyas: I live in Borivli in a three bhk flat along with my father. I have done the interiors keeping my tastes in mind. I always wanted cozy, relaxed place. I also wanted a balcony for spending time alone. I keep playing with the dog Nawab or watch TV. I also spend time in my TV room where there is bollywood backdrop wallpaper. As an individual my room is where I spend my time as my laptop is also there. When friends come we sit in TV room with bollywood backdrop. My friends love that room and backdrop.  Home is where the heart is.  My house is my home and reflects my personality. The choice of colors and interiors is as per my personal taste and requirement. I like very neat and tidy rooms and I  have a fetish for cleanliness. I prefer home gatherings than parties, because gatherings with close people is very relaxing.

Ssharad Malhotraa: I like a positive vibrant place. Basically I have someone to take care of my house and for cooking specially. I have a big Buddha in my living room. I like flowers in any format, original fresh flowers as well as plastic flowers. My most favourite time is on the swing. I love to spend time on my swing and I also spend good time with my dog Musky and I spend my “ME’ time in the balcony which is the most important place in my house. When my friends come to my place we spend time in my living room and sometimes we sit in my cozy balcony. My house is in Versova and it’s a spacious one bhk flat where I have been living from the past 7 years.

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