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Spoiler Alert: Kumkum Bhagya and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi catches Champak finally and threatens him to tell the truth about why he trapped Pragya otherwise he will to throw him off the 1st floor.Champak clears to Abhi that he doesn’t have any relation with Pragya and someone gave money to him doing act like that. Abhi asks him to tell the person name who game him money but he does not tell him. Abhi is ready to throw Champak but Purab Stops Abhi. Purab says to Abhi that Champak will not tell the truth as they gave him money to lie and he will keep lying.

Nikhil and Tanu get scared as if Champak opens his mouth then their game will end.Nikhil and Tanu manage to make Champak run where Tanu pretends of being unconscious.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Romi goes to meet Ashok and Raman watches them together and misunderstands Romi as he changed the legal papers.Raman and Romi beat each other while Ashok enjoy their fights.Adi stops their fight and tells them that if Ruhi sees them like this then they will never get Ruhi back.Apart from this, Raman gets sleep on couch near to Ishita staring her beauty.He gets some sprain in his neck and Ishita asks him let her check about what the problem.

Raman folds hands and asks Ishita not help him otherwise he will be in more pain.Simmi comes there and is surprise seeing both of them in same bed.Raman clears Simmi that nothing is like between him and Ishita.Ishita and Simmi laugh seeing Raman while Raman pretends of being angry.

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