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Spoiler Alert: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Tashan-E-Ishq

Tashan-E-Ishq: Kunj becomes a boxer and changes his name as Rocky where his friend provokes shim against Twinkle and Yuvi’s relationship.Kunj thinks that Twinkle easily forgot him and accepted Yuvraj.Enter in Sarna house, Rocky gets friendly with Twinkle and Kunj who cans him at dinner.

Kunj gets emotional meeting with his mother who feels Kunj in Rocky but he hides his feelings.Now, Kunj starts making Twinkle’s life hell by making her away from family and Yuvraj.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita and Raman give a legal paper to Ruhi where they named property on her.But Ruhi gets angry on them for trying to throw her from property but making her sign on these papers.Raman is shocked paper is changed and tries to make Ruhi understand that it is not real paper.Ruhi insults Raman and Ishita for betraying her and leaves the house in anger.

Ashok and Nidhi brainwash Ruhi’s mind by asking her to Raman about making Bhalla house her name.Ruhi demands Raman of Bhalla house and take his sign on some legal papers.

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