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Shivin Narang gets nostalgic!

Shivin Narang has grown up in a cosmopolitan environment. He believes in all religions. He remembers when he had kept Roja on the sets of Veera and had done Ifftari too.

He says, “I wanted to experience as what fasting is all about. It’s a cleansing process.  I felt positive and have been observing many Muslim folks keeping Roza every year since my childhood and have seen the spirit in the entertainment industry too where lot of technicians and costars have had been Muslims. As an actor I wanted to experience as in future I might do a muslim character in a TV show or a film.  Mumbai is one city where all festivals are celebrated. I treated everyone at Iftaari time with scrumptious dinner and fruits. I feel good when I remember it. This year I a mbusy shooting for my film so there is no possibility of keeping a fast”..

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