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Spoiler Alert: Meri Sasu Maa and Tashan-E-Ishq

Meri Sasu Maa:At college, the students ask Pari how she liked the party and what she wishes to tell her students. Pari looks in Sattu’s direction and says ‘I love you’.Maasa gets angry when she reads the message at the dining table. She asks Pari what is going on at college and why are people sending her marriage proposals.

: Kunj has turned master in wrestling where he faces Yuvraj in the ring.Kunj beats Yuvi badly recalling how he got married with Twinkle.Twinkle gets angry seeing it takes Kunj aside unaware about his identity.

Twinkle saves Yuvraj and hugs him which makes Kunj angry.Kunj feels that Twinkle has forgotten him (Kunj) and love snow Yuvraj.

One thought on “Spoiler Alert: Meri Sasu Maa and Tashan-E-Ishq

  1. But why kunj is angry after 5 years, it’s a long time to fell in love with you pets too , for what he was waiting, why did’ the tell her when he was in hospital, or when he came home at the time of wedding!where was h??

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