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Spoiler Alert: Krishnadasi and Kasam..Tere Pyaar Ki

Kasam: Rishi is happy seeing Pawan out of Tanu’s life, but Rishi is still stuck to marry with Neha aka fake Tanu.While Rishi’s this problem is also resolved soon as Sandy comes home to meet Neha, exposes his affair with her.

Everybody is shocked seeing this Neha tries making lame excuses but is finally caught.Neha confesses that she is not Tanu and reveals how she and Bani tried to trap them to marry Rishi.Rishi and Tanu finally unites and marriage got fixed in two days, Rishi-Tanu both are happy with this marriage.

Krishnadasi: In a bid to save herself, Aradhya shoots Aryan. Believing the latter is dead, Jairaj comes clean about his plan to usurp Pradyumn’s wealth.While Aryan spends time with Tulsi, Aradhya gets acquainted with Pavitra. However, Pradyumn is unwilling to accept Aradhya.

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