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Sahil to kill Sanskaar in Colors’ Swaragini???

Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Swaragini..

As per the current track, Sahil comes to know that Kisan is actually Sanskaar.Parineeta’s plan to harm Ragini fails yet again. Ragini finds a bottle of abortion pills in Parineeta’s room and decides to consult the doctor about the same. Later, Sahil plans to unearth Kisan’s real identity, but fails to do so.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Sahil will tell the whole family that Kisan is actually Sanskaar. Later, Swara will leave for the Baadi to have Sahil prove his theory. Both Ragini and Parineeta  will come to know of each other’s secret, which gives rise to a massive clash between the two. Here, Sahil will plan to get rid of Sanskaar so that Swara can be with him. Meanwhile, someone’s body will be burnt.

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